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Skilled Nursing & Rehabilitation in Payson, AZ

We offer a wide array of services tailored to your individual needs. Our dedicated team of skilled therapists is here to enhance your quality of life and support you on your path to recovery and wellness.

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Our Rehabilitation Therapies Include:

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Cardiac Phase III (at the Senior Fitness Gym on our campus)
  • Vestibular Therapy (balance)
  • Myofascial Release Therapy
  • Lymphedema Therapy (reduces swelling)

Proudly Serving Our Veterans
Working with the VA to provide long-term skilled nursing to VA patients!

Our Services


Rehabilitation In & Outpatient

Rim Country Health approaches care for your loved one with, “What is best for the patient?” “What is best for the community?” At a time when the primary rehabilitation goal is to restore the patient to the highest level of function in the best timeframe, for the patient.


Long-Term Care

As the senior population ages in the United States, and in Payson/Rim Country, many will make, or be a part of, an emotional, yet necessary care decision in the best interest of a loved one (or yourself) soon.


Behavioral Health

Behavioral Health at Rim Country Health refers to the specialized care and services provided to individuals who are dealing with mental health conditions or challenging behaviors that impact their overall well-being. The goal of behavioral health services at Rim Country Health is to address the mental health needs of residents and improve their quality of life.


Dementia / Memory Care

Dementia is a general term that refers to a decline in cognitive abilities (such as memory, reasoning, and communication) that is severe enough to interfere with daily life. Memory care, on the other hand, is a specialized form of long-term care designed to meet the unique needs of individuals with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia.

Serving Military Veterans

Rim Country Health & Rehabilitation (RCH) is proud to announce, as of July 1, 2017, as a skilled nursing facility, in Gila County, we now work with the VA Administration to provide long-term skilled nursing care to Veterans who qualify. “We are proud to have this specific designation for our Campus,” expressed by Tabitha Meyer, Administrator.”

Two Key Qualification Requirements

  • Veterans rated 70% or more service-connected should be eligible.
  • Admission orders by a VA physician, or authorized private physician, who determines if nursing home care is needed.

In addition to skilled nursing care, there are several events, internally, that we currently celebrate with/for, our Veterans and look forward to adding to more celebrations and remembrances.

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Proudly Serving Our Veterans
Providing long-term skilled nursing to VA patients!

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Every Resident Is A Valuable and Precious Life

Whether it’s a planned stay or as a result of an unexpected circumstance, we will guide you through the process, be a resource, and provide exceptional care! No need to stay in The Valley when you can be closer to home and back in Rim Country.

Free In-State Transportation provided during the admissions phase and necessary physician appointments outside of the campus.

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Our Facility

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Way Station Dining Room

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Rim Country Apartments

809 W Longhorn Rd, Payson Arizona 85541

Independent Senior living in a safe and quiet community; located close to shopping and local services. You will love the beautiful courtyard setting and pets are welcome!

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I can’t say enough about Rim Country Health. My mother broke her hip in January and she was back home within 2 months. Doing all the things she did before she broke her hip. This is all due to the great care and therapy that she Received at Rim Country Health I would Not hesitate to recommend Rim Country Health to anybody that needs great care and great therapy.



They took fabulous care of my mom and I would recommend this place. They were always welcoming to me when I came to visit and they all loved my mom so much. She passed away peacefully and I can’t brag on the staff enough for doing an amazing job and always being so kind to me throughout the entire process.

Robin C.


When my mom was placed in this facility she was in very bad shape she didn’t even know where she was and couldn’t talk. With good therapy and excellent care from the nursing staff, she has really improved. She can sit up and talk and she’s more like herself again. My thanks to all the staff for taking such good care of my mom, God bless you all!

Shirley K.

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Specializing in both skilled nursing support and comprehensive outpatient rehabilitation, we offer a wide array of services tailored to your individual needs.

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