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Rim Country Health approaches care for your loved one with, “What is best for the patient?”, “What is best for the community?” At a time when the primary rehabilitation goal is to restore the patient to the highest level of function in the best timeframe, for the patient.

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What is Rehabilitation In & Out-Patient?

Physical therapy is an important aspect of the healing process, whether you are experiencing pain and discomfort as the result of an injury or a lifelong disability. Physical therapists are specially trained to work with injuries, and many specialize in a particular area of the body.

This type of focused therapy is most powerful in conjunction with specialized physical therapy facilities designed to meet patient needs and every type of physical rehab.

Inpatient rehab is by far one of the most effective forms of physical therapy, as it provides constant access to medical professionals, but outpatient care has its own benefits. This guide will compare and contrast inpatient rehab vs. outpatient physical therapy to give you the information you need to make an informed healthcare decision.

How Does RCH Help with Rehabilitation In & Out-Patient?

Rim Country Health's primary goal is to restore the patient to the highest level of function in the best timeframe, for the patient.  At RCH, we have an excellent record when it comes to building a care plan with the patient.  Function levels are higher and recovery time rates are above average for those doing rehab therapy at Rim Country Health.


RCH’s Rehabilitation Therapy Team has over 150 years combined experience and our patients attain excellent results.

That’s right, Outpatient Rehab Therapy is on the increase – and, viewed favorably by health insurance – and our facility can verify your insurance so you can stay close by for your rehab needs.  (Accepting Private Pay or Verified/Accepted Health Insurance.)

RCH defines success by having a Team with a combination of advanced training, clinical experience, and access to information on the newest treatments/techniques. This ensures that patients achieve the greatest outcomes.


Our Approach
The Rim Country Health Team is:  Compassionate, patient-oriented, and puts the goals of the patient first.   

What To Expect

Rim Country Health's therapists are trained professionals who help patients regain motion, strength, and function after an injury, stroke, or other health event. If you are attending outpatient physical therapy for the first time, you should:

Dress To Move

You should wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes (like gym clothes) to all your physical therapy appointments. These clothes should not limit your range of motion and make it easy for you to perform any exercise during your therapy.

Avoid Stress

Your first appointment will include an evaluation, but it’s not a test. Don’t stress about how you will perform at physical therapy appointments; as long as you are doing your best, you are moving at the correct pace for your body and recovery.

Your first evaluation will consist of simple exercises that help your physical therapist create a personalized plan for you. The exercises will test your balance, flexibility, range of motion, and more. The exercises may be as simple as walking down a hallway, sitting up from a lying down position, or lifting objects. After your evaluation, you and your therapist will create a plan for your rehabilitation.

Get Motivated

By fully participating in physical therapy, you will see much better results. Get motivated to follow your physical therapist’s instructions, including those for at-home exercises. At-home exercises help you continue to make progress in between your physical therapy appointments. It’s important that you perform these exercises exactly as your physical therapist instructs.

Set Your Goals

Having some goals in mind and sharing them with your physical therapist can help you have a more personalized therapy plan. You should think of a few goals before your first appointment to help motivate you and get you ready to move again.

Know that YOU have a choice when selecting where you go for Rehabilitation Therapy in Rim Country.

We are fully licensed to provide Outpatient Rehabilitation Therapy and Services as prescribed by a patient’s physician. Whether you have your surgery locally or in The Valley, you can choose where you do your rehab therapy.

Most times patients are just tired of being in the hospital, but aren’t, yet, able to go home to recuperate. Rim Country Health has a short-term stay unit specifically for patients who need rehab therapy, but also need a little more attention. In a home-like setting, with a dining room just a short walk away, many select this type of environment and enjoy a very positive experience.

  • Physical Therapy
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Speech Therapy
  • Myofascial Release Therapy
  • Vestibular (balance) Therapy
  • Cardiac Phase III
  • Lymphedema (reduce swelling) Therapy

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When my mom was placed in this facility she was in very bad shape she didn’t even know where she was and couldn’t talk. With good therapy and excellent care from the nursing staff, she has really improved. She can sit up and talk and she’s more like herself again. My thanks to all the staff for taking such good care of my mom, God bless you all!

Shirley K.


The food is great and there are plenty of activities to participate in. The rooms are kept very clean and well-maintained. They also have special equipment available depending on your situation. Give this place a call and ask them plenty of questions regarding your specific needs. They also have a brochure for your loved ones that explains and shows how their entire facility operates. The nursing staff is awesome! They are very attentive to all your needs and they will ensure that all your needs are met. This is a top-notch first-class place. I’m so proud of them! Keep up the great work guys!

Paul G.


Mom needed more help as she aged and finally, the day came when I could no longer keep Mom independent. After finding Rim Country Rehab in Payson, all my worries about Mom’s care were alleviated by the team of caring professionals who went above and beyond palliative care. If you find yourself needing care for a loved one, please give Rim Country Rehab a try.

Phyllis W.

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